Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I am loving this book and it’s sequel. Patrick Rothfuss is a great writer and all of his characters are so well developed that I feel emotionally involved in them when I read. Sometimes I get so frustrated I have to put down the story and remind myself that it isn’t real. Then when I do pick the book back up I can’t wait to see how the next section will play out.

The plot line of the book is great too, the novel is basically the main character telling the story of his life and he has lead a very interesting life. There are ups and downs and excitement and sadness. Sometimes it can get a little predictable but then other times I can’t even imagine where the book is going to go next.

The book definitely  falls into the fantasy novel group and has a slightly Harry Potter feel to it. The same addiction and love of the characters and the same underdog feel. I do love a good underdog story!

I love how this book makes you want to keep reading and see what the main character is going to get into next! He is very mischievous! Already reading the sequel and can’t wait for a third book to come out. Also when is there going to be a movie version of this book!