MADISON LILY Ethan Fair Isle Pullover $46 Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix #11

Loved all the winter options in this fix!

MADISON LILY Ethan Fair Isle Pullover $46


I was so in love with this sweater, when I see it I imagine myself going to skiing somewhere picturesque like Switzerland! Sadly, it was really big on me, particularly in the sleeves, so it was really unflattering and they didn’t have the exchange option for this sweater.

DREAMERS/DEBUT Jermyn V-Neck Pullover $64


I love this! So Soft! The only thing that I was a little nervous about was that it was pretty long in the back and I was worried that it would make it a little unflattering. After wearing it once though I was totally on board and this is my new favorite sweater! I also really like the seam detail running down the front, still a classic sweater but with a little twist.

MIA Maddock Leather Bootie $99

Everything about these booties just works, they are the perfect heel height and the perfect boot height so they are really flattering! They are also a perfect neutral color so I can wear them with black or brown and anything in between. I am very in love with these boots!

EDYSON Maisha Ponte and Faux Leather Jacket $88

Initially I was going to send this back. So I brought all my returns to mail back at work and all my coworkers loved this so much that I had to keep it! It is really flattering and a really pretty color that looked good with a simple black shirt and boots. I’m really glad they changed my mind!
EVERLY Rosalia Mesh Dress $58
This floral print didn’t really do anything for me, which is weird because I really do love floral prints. I put it on and all I could think was, Rose Boob. It was really flattering though and the sleeves were really cute! I think it if had been a solid color it would be my new favorite dress.



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