Love you to the mountains and back mountain wedding sign decoration

DIY Wood Burned Wedding Sign

I love how our first wedding decoration turned out because we are already using it as wall art and will be perfect for our wedding!


Wood Burning Tool¬†(I got the same one at hobby lobby so was able to use a 40% off coupon) (I’m not sure this is a very good one though because the handle gets really hot)

Wood Slice


First I drew the design onto the board. Thankfully the eraser works on wood as well as paper!


Then, just like Usher, I let it burn.

Tips for Woodburning:
*I used the tip that was for dots and normal lines
*I burnt the letters first then went back and made it into calligraphy style on the second round
*For the calligraphy I only made the downstrokes wider
*It is easier to get a solid line when pulling torwards you with the wood burning tool than away from you


Lastly I nailed a hanger onto the back. Now it is hanging on our wall in our living room and is ready to be a decoration in our wedding!


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