EVERLY - Paxton Dress - $50

Stitch Fix #10

I think this was my best stitch fix yet!

As always, I love getting stitch fixes but this one was extra special because my Stylist included the kindest words about what Houston is going through after Hurricane Harvey. It has been really impressive to see how many people truly care about what people are going through down here.

That being said, I was also really excited because everything in here was awesome! My stylist deserves all the prayer hand emojis.



SKIES ARE BLUE – Sherry Embroidery Detail Tank – $48

First up was the cute white tank top. The fit on this was really flattering and I really liked it but I didn’t end up keeping it. I felt it looked really summery and summer is quickly coming to an end. Also white makes me nervous because I am really messy!



EVERLY – Paxton Dress – $50

This was my favorite thing in this whole box! I immediately got bug eyes when I saw how pretty the print was, and then I tried it on! It was so flattering and I instantly started thinking about all the different things I could wear with this. Heels, belts, boots, cardigans, leggings, oohhh the opportunities! Ya this dress was a keeper and it is going on the short list for possible engagement pictures.



VERO MODA – Vasette Knit Top – $28

I thought I would hate the bell sleeves on this top but they were really cute! I liked the color and the fabric texture a lot on this sweater. In the end I didn’t keep it though because the body of the shirt was a little wide and therefore not very flattering. I was pretty sad to send it back though.


TEA N ROSE – Kenna Open Cardigan – $54

This – Cardigan. So – Soft! I already love cardigans so I was pretty much in right from the start. This one is extra special though because of the beautiful color and it looks great with the floral dress in this box! Also, if I wear it with my red dress I have a great Christmas outfit, and there is nothing merrier than a Christmas outfit!



KAILEIGH – Dominique Knit Dress – $48

This is one of those dresses that I dream about. Perfect for work, perfect for a wedding, perfect for Texas Tech Football games (Wreck Em!), just perfect. Bonus, it’s incredibly comfortable.

I can’t believe that this is my tenth stitch fix box. I remember “just trying it out” on my first one and I was really underwhelmed. I kept one dress and then it turned out two other girls at my work had that same dress. I wasn’t impressed. I thought about not getting another box but my laziness kept me in the Stitch Fix game because I’m not good at clothes shopping.

I think that things really started to turn around for me a couple more boxes in and now I am completely dependent on Stitch Fix. I get more compliments on clothes than I ever have in my life because it turns out I am genuinely bad at choosing clothes. Some people have the eye, I do not have the eye. It is a fact that if Stitch fix wasn’t around all my clothes would be from Target (I.Love.Target.).

Thank you stitch fix for changing my life!


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