DIY 3D Himmeli Wall Art

Himmeli Inspired Wall Art

Himmeli is a Finnish Christmas ornament that is made by turning stalks of straw into geometric shapes. I loved it so much when I first saw it that I wanted to try this for myself. Read on for how I made my own take on Himmeli!


20170904_181216 (1)

Measuring Tape
Permanent Marker

Needle Nose Pliers

Copper Tubing

Tube Cutter

Copper Wire

First I gathered all my materials which I got from Home Depot/Lowes! (I didn’t end up using the green wire pictured below.)


Then I cut my first round of copper tubes.

To cut the tubes I used a permanent marker to mark where I wanted to cut them then used the tube cutting tool I bought. The mini tube cutter works by putting the tube into the wire cutter, tightening the blades around the tube and then twisting the tube (while tightening a little more) until the tube breaks free! Pretty simple!

My first cuts were ten pieces of copper cut at 4 inches each. Then I connected them in the shape below using the copper wire and needle nose pliers.



Next I cut four pieces at 4 inches each and five pieces at 8 inches each. Then again I used the copper wire threaded through the tubes to attach them to the first part I built.





Lastly I cut ten pieces of copper at 5 inches each to make the star shape inside the current form.

And then like magic it looked complete!




I hung it using one nail and then positioned it how I liked and I was done!

20170904_181216 (1)

Happy Copper Cutting!


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