DIY Abstract Painting The Urban Creative Box June

The Urban Creative – June Box – Review

This months box taught me how to do fluid acrylic painting with gold leaf accents and I love how my painting turned out!

The Urban Creative Box is a new product that I am currently obsessed with! Artist Katie Woodford has created great DIY project boxes with all the supplies you need to learn a new skill and a video to teach you that skill.

While I have played with fluid acrylic painting I have never used gold leaf before and have always been a little intimidated by it! Turns out it is super easy! I also loved that this was a different type of fluid acrylic painting than I have done before with much more fluid paints than I have used. They were so much fun!

The box came with everything that I needed except for a place to catch the dripping paint since it would have been too big for the box (I used a disposable lasagna pan). It also came with a confetti popper, a straw and an iced tea which was the cutest. 🙂

The instructional video that I was given a code for was so much more helpful than I thought it would be and had great tips on how to make sure you are giving your painting a focal point which I thought was really helpful!


I have already preordered the July box too (calligraphy) because this one was so much fun!

See pictures below for how my project progressed and what it looked like when it was finished!!

20170619_19370920170619_19452820170619_19455320170619_19464420170619_19482020170619_19500620170619_19521320170619_19521420170619_19524620170619_19524820170619_19531720170619_19542920170619_19551920170619_19563120170619_19574120170619_19594520170619_20002920170619_201607 (1)

I had a great time with this project and the best part is that I could do it again really easily with different colors!! This box was a great way to learn a new skill!




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