King's Bierhaus Houston Texas German Restaurant

King’s BierHaus – Restaurant Review

Their new location is even more impressive than the original!

I love the original restaurant in Pearland and had been waiting for an intown location for four years, so you can only imagine how excited I am that their new location is only 10 minutes from us!

The new location is beautiful with a true biergarten feel. The inside is full of bierhall tables and german decor while the outside is a massive outdoor garden, complete with ping pong! Also our waiter let us know it is dog friendly, this is too perfect.

Now the true reason I fell in love with this place, the food.

First up is my favorite beer there, the Steigl Radler. This awesome beverage is a sweet grapefruit shandy beer and it is so refreshing.

This visit we ordered the drunken chicken and the chicken weiner schnitzel with jaegar sauce and Australian potato salad.

The food was all as good as the original! I was in heaven. The drunken chicken was inhaled by Big Al, so I’m assuming he liked it. The jaegar sauce is a white wine mushroom sauce and was so good on top of the wiener schnitzel. The Australian potato salad is my favorite thing there and it did not disappoint, it had the perfect tang and herby flavor that made me love it from the beginning.

My all time favorite thing there are the sausages though, they are all amazing and this is my go to order usually. Kasewurst Sausage (Cheese sausage), German Suasage, Sauerkraut, and Australian Potato salad! Served alongside the best mustard I have ever had!


We also bought our dog a fancy bone while we were there which he enjoyed while we ate!


If you are looking for a great patio with unique food and drink, this is just the best place in the city. No question.


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