Peli Peli Kitchen South African Food Chicken Curry Mac and Cheese

Peli Peli Kitchen – Restaurant Review

A great casual spot for your curry and mac and cheese fix! This is my new favorite place for lunch while running errands along I-10 in Houston! It’s insanely delicious, well priced, and conveniently on the way to my favorite place, Hobby Lobby!

I didn’t know what South African food was until I came here but it turns out I kind of love it!

This eatery is set up a lot like a Chipotle making it very easy and quick place for a lunch while running errands. I like that all the meats and veggies are out where I can see them so I can choose what looks good and not order based on a menu description. I can’t imagine this place has any bad food because everything I saw looked amazing. I was so overwhelmed at one point I just quit answering the employee that was helping me, there was just so much to look at!!

Below: Chicken Curry Plate $10 – Comes with Rice, fried onions, curried chicken, mango salsa, pickled chilis, cilantro and one side.


The chicken curry was tender and flavorful with an amazing buttery texture. The rice it was served on top of was amazing, especially after it soaked up all the delicious curry sauce. Last but not least, I inhaled the mac & cheese. Good lord, so good.

Below: Fajita Plate $10 – Served with beef, onions, rice, chilis, cilantro and one side.


This was amazing as well (but I still prefer curry). The meat was perfect and was delicious with the rice. We also got mushrooms, which disappeared from the table really quickly, and Naan bread that was soft and delicious.

This place has amazing bang for your buck! It was all amazing and we can’t wait to go back!



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