Knit Crochet Poncho

Snuggly Poncho DIY

All I want is champagne and sweaters!!!! Can’t make my own champagne yet, but I can now make a sweater!

I found the original pattern from Yarnspirations and then found a YouTube video explaining the pattern here. Thank goodness for the video too because the pattern made no sense to me! Could have been in hieroglyphics for all I got out of it. As you can see mine looks very different from the original but the basic idea is the same.

Crochet Hooks: Size K hook and size I Hook
6 skeins of yarn, I used I love This Yarn Chunky in Almond


Things I did different than the pattern:
I made a simple collar instead of a turtleneck and used a different stitch for the collar
I used a different stitch for the body
I kept the sleeves shorter and only extended the front and back

DIY Directions:

Collar: Chain 6, single crochet into chain (there should be 5 single crochet stitches), chain one and turn, single crochet into the back loop only for the next 71 rows. Should be a total of 72 rows. By the end of this step you should have a long length of crochet that is only 5 stitches wide.

Connect the ends of the collar together using slip stitches.

Body: Single crochet down the sides of the rows (minute 3:13 through 4:30), around the circle of the collar and slip stitch ends of the row together (minute 5:57). There should be 72 stitches. (A stitch for every row of the collar.)

From there I did all the next rows using double crochet (instead of doing the half double crochet in the pattern) and increased the stitches in the rows the same way they were done in the original instructions.

The instructions basically say to do 2 stitches in one stitch, then eight singles, then another 2 stitches in one stitch and so on. Then on the next row you spread them out a little more and do 2 double with 9 singles in between. Then the next row 2 doubles with 10 singles in between and so forth. See chart below.

Row Number Stitches in Previous Row Number of Stitches in between adding an extra stitch
1 72 8
2 80.0 9
3 88.0 10
4 96.0 11
5 104.0 12
6 112.0 13
7 120.0 14
8 128.0 15
9 136.0 16

At the end of row 9 there are 144 stitches. On the next three rows (10-12) I did not add any more stitches so the count stayed at 144 stitches for all three of these rows. After this the poncho came down to about the middle of my tricep when I put on the poncho.

Row 13 is where I started to shorten the sleeves using single crochet instead of double crochet. To do this I single crocheted where my arms would be and then double crocheted where I still wanted the poncho to be longer. I increased the amount of single crochets each row and decreased the double crochets to get the arc at the bottom.

In row 13, for example, I single crocheted 11 stitches, then double crocheted 50, then single crocheted 22, double crocheted another 50, and then single crocheted the last 11, and then slip stitched my row together at the end. So the first 11 single crochets and last 11 single crochets meet to form 22 single crochets, just like the other side.

I continued per the chart below:

Row Number Single Crochet Double Crochet Single Crochet Double Crochet Single Crochet  Total Stitches
13 11 50 22 50 11 144
14 12 48 24 48 12 144
15 13 46 26 46 13 144
16 14 44 28 44 14 144
17 15 42 30 42 15 144
18 16 40 32 40 16 144
19 17 38 34 38 17 144
20 18 36 36 36 18 144
21 19 34 38 34 19 144

After row 21 was added the poncho came down to my elbow (and maybe a little bit just below).

In row 22 I went back to plain double crochet for the whole row and continued that for rows 22-24.

At this point I felt it was the length I wanted so I finished it off according to the original you tube tutorial at the top. I then threw it in the dryer so it would be less stiff.


A now I’m ready for a cute and cozy winter season!

Happy Sweatering!


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