Slowpokes Houston Brie and pear flatbread

Slowpokes Coffee Shop

Another dog friendly restaurant in my neighborhood, I must have died and gone to heaven!

Slowpokes is the newest addition to the Garden Oaks neighborhood and it is one that I have been looking forward to for a while!

The coffee shop is very unique in that all of its pastries are delivered by local houston entrepreneurs like Fluff Bar!

My favorite part about this coffee shop is the patio though, it isn’t quite ready yet (waiting on the city) but it looks amazing and I can’t wait to do some patio sitting with my pup! They also told us that they are going to do outdoor movies on their green space once its ready! Cannot handle the excitement!


This place’s theme is just too awesome as well. They have three slowpoke mascots, a sloth, a turtle, and a snail and the decorations inspired by these three creatures are perfection!


They have different pocket pies every week (also delivered for a local vendor). The only one I remember from this week was picadillo because it sounded amazing!


We went there twice this weekend, one time we got iced coffee and pastries for breakfast. All was good!


The other time it was for lunch.

We are obsessed.

We got the Brie and Pear flatbread and the Salmon Bagel. Both were amazing but I think the flatbread stole the show. You can’t even brielieve how good it was!


Annihilated it.


This place is such a winner and I’m so lucky that they have finally opened!


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