Doe Embroidery Hoop Free template

Doe Embroidery Template

Is it just me or does she seem like she would be super friendly? Use the free template to find out for yourself!

Doe Embroidery Template Printable

See Vacations Are for Explorations post for more details on:
*What materials you will need
*How to set up your hoop
*How to transfer the template to your fabric
*How to finish the back of the project

Details for this project:
*I used all six strands in the embroidery thread for everything
*Below are the different Stitches I used in this project:

Back Stitch Tutorial

Rose Stitch

Satin Stitch (I don’t usually outline these leaves first since they are so little)
*Even though you can draw the entire template onto your fabric I usually choose not to, and I do wish I had made the roses a little bigger

If you do this project on your own send me a picture at or post a picture on instagram and tag me in it because I would love to see it!

Questions are welcome in the comments!

Below are the colors that I used for this hoop:

Gold – 3852
Teal – 964
Navy – 336
Off White – 3823
Green – 937
Peach – 754
Gray – 3799



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