Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix #7

This was such a great fix and I can’t wait to show off my new threads!

Rutland Swing Knit Top – Returned – I really loved the floral pocket and floral trim but I felt that it was too springy for my fall thinking. Also, it was very thin and I thought that it might get a hole in it easily. So cute though!


Polli Lace Detail Knit Top – Returned – Lace sleeves are just the cutest and this was shirt was really flattering too! It hit at just the right spot on my hips and wasn’t too lose or too tight! Sadly, I didn’t need another short sleeve shirt since I hardly wear the ones I have. I’m a dress girl in the summer (and the winter).


Kesey Knit Romper – Kept – I loved this, it was so soft and flattering and I love a one piece outfit. Also I just love this print, its fun and different without being wacky. Can’t wait to wear this on my next vacation!


Cristen Shirt Dress – Kept – This might be my favorite thing I have ever gotten. I love the print, and the colors, and the shape. It is just so cute, I’m dying! I’m wearing it tomorrow.


Union Contrast Material Booties – Returned – I was so excited when I pulled these out of the box. I tried them on with nearly everything in my closet and just couldn’t get myself on board. I think maybe they are just a little too short for my taste because other than that I loved them! It was a very sad separation for these booties and I.


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5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #7

  1. Katie says:

    I received the floral dress as well. Sent it back though because it was too big. I felt like it was more fall than spring but would have kept it if it fit. Really nice quality and a great piece for work or play.


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