Lamp Shade Cover DIY

How I Covered a Lamp

This was an old lamp that I had been thinking about replacing for a while but I haven’t found anything I really love yet so I decided it was time to recover this one. Before it was just a plain cream color and now it is something that actually fits Big Al and I’s personalities.

Materials Needed:

1 yard of fabric (I only ended up using half of it but it was nice to know I had backup)
Matching thread
Straight pins
Sewing Needle

The Process:

Because of its shape I decided to pleat the cover to fit the lamp shade.

The first thing I did was pin the fabric around the larger end (the bottom).


Once that was done I gathered all the fabric up at the top in a hair-tie and pinned the pleating how I wanted it. This took some trial and error but I finally got there.


Then I cut off the excess fabric and the lampshade was all covered. The only thing left to do was to run a stitch along the top and bottom to keep the cover in place when I removed the pins. I just did a really rough hand stitch that doesn’t look amazing if you look up close.


And there it is!



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