2015 Photo Book

I finally ordered my 2015 photo book and I am stoked about how it turned out!

I noticed that we took tons of pictures and never did anything with them so in 2014 I decided to do something about it, but didn’t know what. I then noticed that I was more inclined to look at photo albums from back in the day, but they are always so thick and they take up too much room on a bookself. I considered starting to scrapbook but I was overwhelmed by the thought of it. Then the idea of digital scrapbooking dawned on me! It was perfect, the books are thin and look nice and organized on a bookshelf! Also as a bonus if something happened to one of them I can just order a new one.

I started looking for the best photo book website. Since my phone automatically backs up all my pictures to my google drive I wanted to use a website that would let me pull directly from those photos and I ended up choosing Mixbook solely for that reason. Then I started using Mixbook and fell in love! I have made a bunch of photo books on Mixbook now for gifts and for myself and they all turn out great!

Below are my favorite pages in our 2015 book and some tips to photo booking:

  • I have to do my books a little bit at a time, I never work on it for more than an hour at one time. Because of that I just work on it all year round until I finally get it printed off.
  • I usually pick a pretty general theme and then edit it from there and then I have a different theme for every event. I do try to keep the same background on all pages to tie it together.
  • I use pinterest for layout ideas, quote ideas, and general scrapbooking examples.
  • I go through all of the stickers using the browse tool and pull in all the ones I like. This takes some time but I think my books turn out more diverse because of it. I wish their stickers were organized better or that their search function worked better though.
  • Mixbook is constantly coming out with new themes and stickers so don’t forget to look again at the sticker’s again later in the year.
  • Mixbook will eventually have a 50% off coupon so I always wait to buy my book when I see one of those coupons (This one was 57 pages and ended up costing about $55 including shipping.)
  • In Mixbook you can highlight all the items of a page and move them at one time, which comes in very helpful.
  • Mixbook has lots of fonts and it is really fun to mix and match them.
  • Sometimes the spacing of the words is weird so when this happens I use two different text boxes so I can move the words where I want them.
  • You can make your own stickers on your phone (I use an app called artflow) and then upload them to Mixbook which can be fun!
  • We use a canon rebel camera for our trip photos, for camping and around town I use an old point and shoot camera, and then there are a lot of phone photos in there too.
  • I like to have pages for all of our out of town trips then our in town photos go in a special section at the back of the book
  • I also put a list of names of everything that was in this year’s book so I can remember all our friends in 50 years 🙂
  • Don’t forget the back cover of the book! I like to put quotes to songs 🙂 like Louis Armstrong


Happy Photo Booking!


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