pedernales falls texas

Pedernales Falls – Weekend Trip

Things to do on a day trip to Pedernales Falls!

I really like short camping trips right now because I am still a newbie so we only slept one night in the park. We left at 5:30 am on Saturday morning and got to the park by 9 am. Then we checked in with the office and got our campsite. Make sure to ask for a campsite with shade because some of them are just in a field and it would be really hard to sleep in the morning if your tent wasn’t in the shade. See my camping for beginners post for basic camping tips if you aren’t sure about camping!

Next we unpacked our stuff, put up our little tent, and had a snack.


Then we walked to Twin falls which was only about a fifteen minute walk away and was really pretty!


After that we drove to Pedernales Falls and walked west along the river to get some good views of the falls.


Then we went back to our campsite and walked to Trammel crossing and hiked and swam until we got hungry.

After that, when we got back to our campsite we made dinner and relaxed until it got dark.

Once it got dark we went stargazing back at pedernales falls, kind of treacherous at night but it is so pretty!

Next came smores and then sleeping!

It was the perfect short camping trip!


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