Lamp Shade Cover DIY

How I Covered a Lamp

This was an old lamp that I had been thinking about replacing for a while but I haven't found anything I really love yet so I decided it was time to recover this one. Before it was just a plain cream color and now it is something that actually fits Big Al and I's personalities. … Continue reading How I Covered a Lamp

Clipboard Decor DIY Printables

Sweet and Easy Clipboard Decor

See how we decorated one of our staircases for $25 (free printables included!) Materials for the flower clipboard project! -Unlined Paper - Sketchbook paper is good, I even left on the torn edge because I liked the texture from the ruffles -Mechanical Pencil -Flower Prints Printables - If you want to forego the sketching portion -Clipboards -Rope -Drill … Continue reading Sweet and Easy Clipboard Decor