stitch fix

Stitch Fix #6

Stitch Fix # 6, hey that rhymes!

So many pretty summer colors to be had!! Only kept one thing but that is because I am picky not because my stylist isn’t awesome, because she is!



Octavia Crossbody Bag

I really loved this bag but I had one almost identical which is why I chose not to keep it. It was so cool though, I loved all the zippers and details in this bag!



Alice Blue Jenascia Tie Sleeve Blouse

Mostly I just thought this shirt was kind of plain and boring, I didn’t really like the sleeve detail, and I thought it was too short. I do always love a plain back shirt but not this one.



Muse Deen Textured Dress

I love the style of the dress but the pattern was a little bit of a miss for me because I don’t tend to choose tons of white clothing.



41Hawthorn Devora Dress

This is the dress that I kept. I thought it was perfect! It had a great length, it was comfortable, flattering, and simple. My favorite part is obviously the sleeves because I love special little details in my clothes!



Le Lis Alice Printed Faux Suede Swing Skirt

This was probably the thing that I was most excited for when I saw it! I really wanted to love this skirt! It was very flattering and was so soft! I just didn’t like how realistic the flowers looked even though I feel like that is a ridiculous thing to say. Most of the floral print that I own are more of abstract vs realistic flowers. It is so cute in pictures though and I might regret sending this one back!



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