Lei Low Houston

Lei Low – Houston Bar Review

Are you looking for a hidden gem in the Houston Heights! Look no further!

Lei Low is an island themed rum bar where every drink looks like a party!

This bar is very small and I don’t think I would have noticed it if one of my friends hadn’t suggested it. It also looks pretty sketchy from the outside, which is not that uncommon in Houston. We ended up parking in the neighborhood behind the bar which worked out really well and felt safe.

We all got frozen drinks because it seemed necessary. We ordered Slippin into Darkness, Missionary’s Downfall and Sand on the Beach (I can’t remember what the other drink we got was).

Sand on the Beach was definitely the table favorite, it was a super fruity frozen drink!

Big Al got Slippin into Darkness and didn’t like it at all! I ended up trading with him. It almost tasted like it had pancake syrup in it. It wasn’t bad, just not that good. It did come in a cool tiki cup though which I liked! (Because I’m five years old.)

I got Missionary’s Downfall which was really minty and refreshing, Big Al liked this one so he drank mine and I drank his.

So glad I know about this place now, it is going to be perfect for summer fun! Especially since the drinks are cold and Houston is not!



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