Alladin Houston

Alladin – Restaurant Review

Great place to go for Mediterranean in Houston!

It is rare that you find a restaurant that has amazing food AND massive portions. I do kind of love massive portions because that means I can have lunch the next day! And once again the food is so good! I don’t even understand how they get the food to taste so good.

The times that I have gone I have gotten the three vegetables and one meat plate. It is a buffet line so the first thing you do is get your tray, napkins, and silverware. Then you get 2 pieces of pita and they start loading up your plate. The sides go down the line with hummus options first, then cold sides, then hot sides and you pick three of all those for the meat and three sides plate ($12.99).

Sides I usually get are:
*Hummus – Awesome
*Spinach Salad – Awesome
*Roasted Potatoes – I have cravings for these

Other sides I have tried:
*Spinach Hummus – My second favorite kind of hummus
*Roasted Vegetables – Big Al likes these
*Pasta Salad – Too much dressing, I wouldn’t get it again
*Green beans on Saffron rice – Delicious with a slight curry flavor

I have always gotten the Gyro meat for my meat and the chicken kabobs are really good and popular as well!

Look how pretty the food is!


Dangit now I want hummus and potatoes!


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