Cane Rosso Houston

Cane Rosso Houston Review

There are pizzas at Cane Rosso that I had never even dreamed would be good! Their recipes are so very original and it makes the restaurant a really special experience!

The other part of their amazingness is their pizza crust. It is so craveable! It is thin crust pizza that is fired in a ridiculously hot oven which gives the crust great crunch but leaves the dough soft and delicious!

We have been to Cane Rosso before in Dallas and we loved it so you can imagine I have been way too excited for this new Houston Location to open! During the Dallas trip we got the Delia, Bianca, and the Honey Bastard.

The honey bastard isn’t on the menu but you can order it at any of the locations, I can’t really remember everything that goes on it but the main parts are soppresseta (spicy pepperoni kind of) and honey. This did not sound good to me last time we went but I tried it and I was so wrong, its amazing! I don’t even like honey.

We also tried the Delia on that visit and I thought this pizza sounded disgusting as well because bacon marmalade sounds so wrong to me. Once again, I was the one that was wrong. Bacon marmalade (still sounds gross) is so good! I feel like they should rename it to something that sounds better, like bacon candy topping, oh well.

The Bianca (the one I picked because I’m boring) was perfection, it just didn’t have crazy toppings on it.


On our most recent visit to the Houston location we started with a Caesar salad for the table and then got the Cassie pizza. I felt like the Caesar salad could have used a little bit more dressing but that is probably a side effect of a newly opened restaurant. The Cassie pizza was fantastic as well although I think my favorite is still either the Honey Bastard or the Delia.


I honestly don’t think you could order bad food at this place. You could put an old shoe on top of their crust and I would love it.

Also another bonus about this place is that they let us bring the dog on their patio! I guess it makes sense because their restaurant is named Red Dog after all.

(Cane = Dog, Rosso = Red)

Happy Pizza life!


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