Explorations Hoop – Free Template!

YOU SHOULD EMBROIDER THIS! For your friend, or yourself, or both! Who cares! If you have never embroidered before fear not! I have tried my darnedest to make a detailed post on how you can do this yourself! Give it a try! If you have questions let me know! If you make it yourself post your picture on Instagram and tag me in it @littleinbits and use #littleinbits so I can be impressed with you!

You Will Need:
Template (powerpoint file) Printed out: Vacations
Scotch Tape
A Window that you can reach
Fine point marker (or something else you can write a light line on fabric with)
Embroidery Fabric (I buy the package of “28 Evenweave Cross Stitch Fabric 20 x 27 inches in Antique White” which is about $15 and is enough fabric for six 6″ hoops)
Embroidery Needle
6 inch embroidery hoop ($1.19)
Embroidery Thread – Black, white, teal (964), blue, orange (3825), green (937) ($0.60 each)
Patience! So Important when trying new things! You got this!

Print off your template (it should be the right size if you just print the whole power point page). If this doesn’t work please let me know since I have never done this before.

Cut out the template to be smaller than your hoop. (The template in the picture doesn’t have the fern lines added because I did those after.)


Assemble your hoop and fabric. You should leave about 2 inches of fabric hanging out of the sides of your hoop so that you can tie up the back at the end. Also make sure that the tightener for the hoop is at the top of the pattern so you can use it to hang you project later.(You could technically move this later if you wanted to.)

Tape the template to the back of your hoop and hold it up to a window (during the day) and lightly trace the template onto your fabric.


This is the marker I used because I had it at home. I think there are disappearing ink markers that you could buy too but I haven’t tried those yet. A pencil might even work too. You can test out your writing utensil on the edge of the fabric sticking out of the back of the hoop before you dive in if you are nervous.



Yay! Now you can get to the good part!

So embroidery thread is really 6 strands of thread combined. For the “Vacations” and “Explorations” words I used all 6 strands.

For the “are for” words I divided the 6 strands into two and only embroidered with 3 strands to create a smaller “font” size.

I did the letters using a back stitch and below is a link to a good you tube video on how to do that:

Back Stitch Tutorial


The change in thread size isn’t very noticeable, but I like it.

Each of the embroidery threads has a product number that you can look for while shopping if you want to get the exact color I was using, but I don’t have the numbers for all the colors I used. The numbers that I had are: Teal #964, Orange #3825, Green #937. It isn’t like you have to use those exact colors though, pick what you like!


Then I started adding in the white mounting peaks. (Also I ended up removing the white in the “X” because I didn’t like it.)

The approach I took to the mountain details is kind of what this you tube video is doing in minute 1:31. (Hope that helps?)

Satin Stitch Tutorial


I also added french knots under the “r”s in “are for”. I don’t really think they are very noticeable though and I might end up taking them out. If you want to put them there though, here is a you tube video on french knots.

French Knot Tutorial

I continued with the mountain details by adding in a teal layer of thread and then a blue layer of thread.


Then I added little orange “suns”. I did these by starting where I wanted the base middle of the sun to be and then working my way around in a half circle. So one stitch would go into a new outside edge, and the next stitch would come right back to the center where I had started.

The process is a lot like this diamond eyelet stitch tutorial below:

Diamond Eyelet Stitch Tutorial


From there I added the Ferns using back stitches for the stalk and detached chain stitches for the leaves.

See YouTube video for leaves below:

Detached Chain or Daisy Stitch Tutorial


Added a couple more ferns for cuteness.


And the front is done! Unless of course you want to add more!

To Finish the back I sew a simple stitch around the circumference of the fabric hanging out of the back of the hoop. Then I pull the thread tight to cinch it in, then tie off the thread, and cut off the excess fabric. Use whichever color you like best! See video below for an example (not exactly what I do but it’s close).

Finishing the Back Tutorial

Also, some people completely cover the back of their hoop with fabric. You could always google “Finishing the back of embroidery hoop” to see all the different options and decide which way you like best. I have hot glued mine before too.

This is the way that makes me smile! It’s messy and rustic and looks like it’s made with love, because it is!


To add a way to hang the hoop I take about 5 inches of thread and tie it into a circle, then slip knot it onto the screw part of the hoop.


I have a lot to mail. This bedpost is going to break from all the stuff hanging on it!


This post took so long for me to put together, but I still probably missed stuff, so please ask if you have questions!


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