TX to SC Gift

This is a birthday gift that I made for my friend who moved from Texas to South Carolina and I think it will look super cute in her new house! Also you might be able to tell from the pictures that I did this while in the airport and on the airplane, good thing we didn’t have too much turbulence!

I printed out an outline of the USA and then taped it to the back of my hoop. Then I held the hoop up to a window (during the day) and traced the outline using a fine point sharpie. From there everything else was free hand which is more fun for me! (Freedom!)


Adding French Knots for the final touch!


I finished the back of this project because it was the first time that I had left myself enough fabric to do this! I really like how it turned out too! I used a color that I thought I was least likely to use for anything else and know I think it will be my go to back color.


I also added a sting to the tightener part of the hoop so that it can hang somewhere.


Finished product!! I really like it!


Hoop it up!


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