Free Embroidery Hoop Template

California Dreamin’ Template

Free template for the Californian Dreamin’ Embroidery Hoop Project!

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Cold Brewed Coffee How To

Iced Coffee is my thing, it gets me, it knows my heart. I got in a habit of getting an iced coffee from Starbucks every morning and it was glorious! But I’m never a fan of buying something if I can make it for less, obviously! How was I going to make iced coffee without a coffee maker though??? Turns out you don’t need one!

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TX to SC Gift

This is a birthday gift that I made for my friend who moved from Texas to South Carolina and I think it will look super cute in her new house! Also you might be able to tell from the pictures that I did this while in the airport and on the airplane, good thing we didn’t have too much turbulence!

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