Brash Brewery

I really wanted to try Brash after I found out that it is run by the same people that run the burger joint/bar Petrol Station so we went over the weekend and I thought it was great! They have lots of arcade games and tables and it was a great place to hang out with friends.

They have maybe 10 beers and half of those are brewed by Brash Brewers. I tried the EZ 7 Brash Beer which was a lighter beer and I really enjoyed it. This brewery isn’t like St. Arnolds where you pay to enter, get tokens to get your beers, and there are tours and such. It is more like a regular bar and the beers are sold by the pint for $6 each.

The whole operation is set up in a warehouse and the their parking lot is very small but there is a lot of other parking down the street near the LA Fitness. I really like the large picnic tables in the space and they have a ton of arcade games (bring quarters) and a foosball table which my friend group loves! We also saw dogs in there so it seems to be dog friendly which adds like 100 bonus points for me! Later on in our visit we got hungry and got two dominos pizza’s delivered too so clearly outside food is welcome.

Since it is in an unconditioned warehouse it got pretty hot in there and they don’t have any fans in there so I’m not sure how anyone will go when the real Houston summer hits! I think that’s something they’re going to have to work on.

I will still be back despite the Houston heat! Beers Beers Beers!



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