Piada Italian Street Food Houston

For lunch Friday I went and tried Piada Italian Street Food in Houston. I was very excited about going here because its basically Italian Chipotle, and I love love love Chipotle.

The first thing that I got was a pepperoni stick which was amazing. The bread was flaky and soft with crunchy edges, add cheese and pepperoni and what could go wrong!


Next was my main meal. I decided to get a piada (burrito) instead of a pasta bowl because the name of the restaurant is Piada. There were tons of toppings for the piadas/pasta bowls and I ended up getting chicken, arugula, spinach, sundried tomatoes, olives, cheese, spicy diavola sauce, and mushrooms. Maybe I got a weird combination and should have gone with one of their suggested combos but I was underwhelmed by the piada. There wasn’t very much meat on it so most of my burrito was toppings and there wasn’t a lot of sauce on it either so it was a little dry. The only thing I could really taste was the tomatoes and the olives which is good but nothing new and exciting. Just to be clear though it was good and I ate a lot of it! The portion was huge so I still have some leftover which I fully intend to eat!

A couple other things that I didn’t love about Piada was that we came at lunch time during work and it took a really long time to order. The line was long and it didn’t move very fast. I think that the speed of the piada building we only get better over time though. Also we sat outside on their patio which is too small for the three tables they have out there, I think it would be a lot better if they just had two tables out there.


In summary I would go to Piada again and try a pasta bowl, or just get like 5 of those awesome pepperoni sticks! It would be basically like eating an awesome pizza!

Well done Piada! Glad you came to our neighborhood!



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