Gatlin’s BBQ

Gatlin’s BBQ is definitely our most frequented bbq restaurant in Houston because of the excellent service, relaxed atmosphere, delicious sweet tea, and amazing food!

One interesting thing about this place is that it isn’t open on Sunday and a side effect of this is that on Saturday after lunch they start to run out of their different meats. I’m assuming they don’t make as much on Saturday since they won’t be open on Sunday and don’t want to be wasteful.

They have a board next to the line that shows their available meats because even if it is on their menu it doesn’t mean that they have it on the particular day you’re there. We even came there one time and they were running out of most of the meats on their available meats board because it was a Saturday.

I guess when something is good it goes fast!


So far I have tried the Chicken, Turkey, Ribs and Sausage and I can honestly say that the Chicken is my favorite. It is isn’t dry in the least and has this great skin on it that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.


They also have really great sides like macaroni and cheese, pinto beans, potato salad and a bunch of other very southern amazings. I always get a plate which comes with two sides and I usually get a salad and macaroni and cheese. I never finish the plate though because it is huge and the leftovers are awesome!


I love this place and highly recommend it to anyone!

See drool worthy food pics below!


Happy Nomming!



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