DIY Faux Fireplace

I had been wanting a fireplace in our living room since before we moved in. I researched how to do it for months and searched everywhere for good examples of ones that I liked. I thought about buying an electric one or getting a used one but I couldn’t find anything I liked.

After reading Blue Roof Cabin’s blog post though about making their own faux fireplace I finally felt ready to tackle the project on my own. (Also with Big Al and my dad.)


See Original Blog Post Below:

The entire project ended up costing about $150 in materials. And we did some things different from Blue Roof Cabin’s to make it a simpler project.

We didn’t use pocket holes like the directions suggest (because I don’t know how to do that) and instead used nail glue first and then a nail gun. This sucker is very sturdy which actually seems unnecessary since no one touches it.

We didn’t anchor it to the wall or anything either, it is just free standing.

We made our fireplace taller and slimmer than BRC’s to better fit the space that I wanted it in. The only thing you really shouldn’t change is the depth because it is all based on the width of the boards you buy. When you go with the width of your board it makes it much easier.

We didn’t do crown molding on ours either because we couldn’t find a good crown molding and I didn’t understand how to use it. Instead there is some trim around the mantle to make it look thicker.

I spent a really long time filling it holes and cracks and gaps with Wood Filler and then sanding to make sure that the finished project would look at flawless as possible.

When we started building we started from the inside out. By that mean that the first parts we nailed together were the boards on the very inside of the fireplace and then the last thing we did was add on the top and then add decorative trim.

This project took us two Saturdays and one Sunday.One Saturday we cut all the wood to the correct size. I would suggest cutting the wood as you go though because some of our measurements ended up being 1/8″ off. Not huge but you want everything to match up perfectly. The next Saturday we put everything together. The Sunday after we painted everything. I probably did two coats of primer and 3 or 4 coats of the white paint because I wanted it to look very very white!

*Nail Gun
*Wood Glue
*Chop Saw
*Wood Filler
*White High Gloss Paint
*Sand Paper

We borrowed the saw and nail gun from my dad but we ended up buying a chop saw later when Big Al decided he wanted to hang a projector screen in our living room (a story for another time). We are probably going to end up buying a nail gun too because it made the process so fast and I think we would get good use out of it!

I think it really turned out great and it gives the living area its own personality!


The vase and lantern were from Homegoods and the candles are from Big Lots. I got the mirror from my grandmother and it ended up working perfectly sitting on the mantle. The wood was from Lowes and it was precut like this in their firewood section, super convenient!


I think someday I will add glass tile behind the fireplace opening so that the wall doesn’t show through, but that is also a project for another day. They have peel and stick backsplash tile that would be really easy to stick to a wood board and then I could nail the whole thing behind the fireplace.

Until then! Happy Building!


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