Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

For Big Al’s Birthday we decided to go to Yellowstone since neither of us had been and had always wanted to go! Why not? Right?!

To Prepare for our trip we did a lot of research for but I had trouble finding example itineraries for what other people had done. So in case anyone else is like me and wants to see a real life itinerary here it is!

Behold! Here is what we did in our 5 days in Wyoming!

Our first stop after landing in Jackson at 1pm (and getting our rental car) was the Creekside Meats Market and Deli for a sandwich. We heard about this place from a friend of Big  Al’s and it was a great place to stop for a quick sandwich. It is also located directly across the street from a sweet little pond with picnic tables so we took our sandwiches over there to enjoy the fresh Wyoming air.


From there we drove straight to Grand Teton National Park and started being outdoorsy!

We got the 5 day pass for both Grand Teton and Yellowstone park which ended up saving us about $10. I am pretty sure that the national park entrance fees are cash or check only so that is something to be prepared for.

We used the park map and stopped wherever sounded cool on our map. I think the highlight of our day was hiking to Hidden Falls, we didn’t get there but the view of Jenny Lake (below) was amazing. The water was hypnotically clear!


From there we went and got groceries in Jackson. We decided to get stuff to grill at our KOA cabin that night and food for the rest of the trip. We bought a cooler and sandwich stuff so that we would be able to have a sandwich on the road when we got hungry in Yellowstone.


We woke up the morning of day 2, went to starbucks, and headed for Yellowstone! We drove through Idaho and to the west entrance of Yellowstone because the south entrance is still closed in early May. Our reward for this long drive was amazing Mesa Falls which was easily my favorite waterfall of the trip! (Photo below is of Upper Mesa Falls.)


Finally we got to Yellowstone!


We immediately headed south towards Old Faithful. We basically just stopped everywhere there was a turn off on the way down or anywhere on the park map that sounded cool. It took us a while to get there but we got to see a lot of beautiful springs on the way! (Below is Grand Prismatic Spring and then a spring at Fairy Falls.)


After heading down to old faithful we started our trek back up to our hotel which was next to Mammoth Springs and had dinner at the restaurant next to our hotel. The restaurant was a little bit of a tourist trap but it was pretty good and really the only option (unless we wanted a sandwich in our hotel room).

Our hotel room was one that had a shared bathroom so the toilets and showers were down the hall from us. It was very reminiscent of my college dorm room and really wasn’t bad, just inconvenient. The hotel did have an ice machine which was good for refilling our cooler of sandwich ingredients every day.


The next day we went on a wildlife adventure because we were told that the northwest of the park was the place to see wolves and bears! We never saw a wolf but we did see elk, pronghorn, 4 bears (2 cubs included), deer, a marmot (we named him Marley), and more bison than I can count.

We ate both breakfast and lunch in the car that day and I was really thankful that we brought food with us because there were no places to stop and grab food in the Northwest area of the park.

After our time as wildlife adventurers we headed to see another main attraction of Yellowstone. Yellowstone Canyon and Falls were breathtaking and impressive to behold.


After that we headed outside the park for dinner to West Yellowstone and went to a pizza place with really good classic pizza. (It was also nice to have 4g service again too!)

Then we headed up back to our hotel to see Mammoth springs. This easily took us 2 hours and the sun was setting so we ended up coming back in the morning too.


That morning while driving around the upper terrace of Mammoth Springs we saw this Grizzly Bear and her two cubs! If that isn’t an advertisement for bear spray I don’t know what is! (Yes we bought some because I had just seen the Revenant.)


After that amazingness we decided things couldn’t get better at Yellowstone so we headed back to Jackson. We did see a river otter on the way out of the park though which was adorable!

Our last night in Jackson we stayed at the Rustic Inn. This is a great property, there are tons of bonfire areas and places to hang out and relax. The grounds are beautiful!


After checking in we explored the property a bit then went down and explored the town a bit more. We decided then to go back to Grand Teton and try to catch sight of a Moose! We were successful!

After that we celebrated Big Al’s Birthday at Snake River Brewing company which was easily the best meal we had in all of Wyoming!


We flew out early the next morning and said goodbye to Wyoming, our new favorite place. Thanks Wyoming you were so good to us!


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