One Day in College Station

I went and visited a friend who works in College Station recently and while there isn’t much to do there, we ended up having a great time!

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Homemade Wing Night

Somehow a tradition got started where my friends and I eat wings and watch Game of Thrones. I have no idea how this happened but we call the event Game of Wings and it’s fantastic!

As you can imagine Game of Wings started getting very  unhealthy and expensive kind of fast so we had to step up our Game (pun intended).

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DIY Faux Fireplace

I had been wanting a fireplace in our living room since before we moved in. I researched how to do it for months and searched everywhere for good examples of ones that I liked. I thought about buying an electric one or getting a used one but I couldn’t find anything I liked.

After reading Blue Roof Cabin’s blog post though about making their own faux fireplace I finally felt ready to tackle the project on my own. (Also with Big Al and my dad.)

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Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

For Big Al’s Birthday we decided to go to Yellowstone since neither of us had been and had always wanted to go! Why not? Right?!

To Prepare for our trip we did a lot of research for but I had trouble finding example itineraries for what other people had done. So in case anyone else is like me and wants to see a real life itinerary here it is!

Behold! Here is what we did in our 5 days in Wyoming!

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